Frugal Friday: Our Top 10 Beauty Products


There are a lot of beauty products out there, so many that it's incredibly difficult to know which are good and which are not worth your money. Do you really need that super lifting spider serum and anti-magnetic cream? I'm pretty sure neither of those things exist--but if they do, I wouldn't mind trying a sample to see if they really do work!

We are here to help you sift through some of the good stuff with our Top 10 Beauty Product list!



This stuff is a hair saving miracle! Woke up late? Have a great hairdo but your hair is a liiiiittle dirty? Psssst! is your new dry shampoo secret weapon. It's super affordable (about $5-$6 a can) and doesn't leave a weird powdery look to your hair. Spray on and comb through with your fingers and you're looking AND smelling good all day long.


9. Dr. Jart BB Cream

SPF 45, light coverage, non comedogenic, all around miracle. Best part? You don't have to wonder what color you wear or end up with the dreaded orange mask situation. There are a couple colors to choose from that somehow magically blend to match your skin. Light-medium, medium-dark. This BB cream will keep your skin protected from the sun while making your complexion look smooth and natural (Your freckles aren't totally hidden! Hooray!). It's $39 for a tube that lasts months and months.


8. Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

A good perfume that you love is a great addition to your beauty regime. One of my personal favorites is Versace Bright Crystal. It smells fresh, very very lightly floral, and citrusy. It's not too heavy or too strong. I love it! The scent that works for you varies from person to person and you'll need to smell and try on many to know what works for you. In fact, your body chemistry can change the way a perfume smells on you, so be sure to try one out before making the purchase. A go-to perfume that feels like "you" is a nice way to feel just a little bit more fancy. Versace Bright Crystal is $52 for a 1oz bottle. 


7. Obsessive Compulsive Makeup Brush

The right tools are key when applying makeup. To get a flawless finish that isn't cakey or oily, try this brush by Obsessive Compulsive. It's fantastic and leaves your face looking much more natural than the brush that comes with your compact. As a general rule, those shouldn't be used for actually applying makeup. With this brush, you're left with a dewey and soft look that cannot be achieved by applying makeup with your fingers. $28 for a nice big powder brush.


6. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

The best start for a fresh face is a sunscreen protected and moisturized base! An SPF oil-free moisturizer is essential to keeping your skin healthy and youthful-looking. I love Neutrogena because it is not heavily scented and is dermatologist tested. I have pretty sensitive skin and this stuff is super gentle, never causing breakouts! $10 for a nice big tube!


5. Benefit CORALista Blush

Benefit makes excellent products! I stand behind this blush because it looks incredibly natural on my pale complexion, but looks beautiful on more olive skin women as well. Obviously, there are many colors available but this is my personal favorite. Find the one that suits your skin tone and give yourself a natural-looking sun-kissed glow even in the gloomiest of winter days. $28!


4. Vaseline Spray and Go Lotion

This is a must for your gym bag. I love the feeling of my skin when it's moisturized but I hate the feeling of slimy lotion when I'm trying to get back into my skinny jeans after a workout and shower. Noooo thank you! Here's the solution! $6.50 of conveniently moisturized skin!


3. E.L.F. Eyelash Curler

I cannot endorse this enough! A $3 investment for wider, more open eyes--incredible! An eyelash curler kind of looks like a torture device, but for me, it's an every morning must. Even if I don't wear mascara that day, your eyes will instantly look more awake and bright and you will still look like you!


2. Olay Regenerist Night Cream

It's true what they say on the commercials; you don't have to spend $300 on a night cream to get a good anti-aging product. Olay Regenerist is smooth and silky, doesn't feel too heavy, moisturizes skin and repairs it as you sleep. It even smells nice, too! $20 to a younger-looking you.

1. Anastasia Brow Wiz

Eyebrows do a great job of framing your face and a nice filled in brow frames it even better! The Anastasia Brow Wiz allows you to fill in as much or as little as you like all the while looking like you "woke up like this". Available in many colors to suit your particular coloring and taste. I use caramel and it blends nicely with my red hair. $21!

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