Halloween Drink Table

Less than 2 weeks away, Halloween is fast approaching!  This year it is on a Friday, so naturally there will be so many more parties!  Whether you are hosting your own or helping a friend, here is a great drink idea that is simple, but sure to be a big hit!

Its always a great idea to set up a small bar when having a party.  It doesn't have to be something special, any sofa or console table in your house will work.  A themed decoration, and some great glassware really sets it off.  

By adding the vampire teeth garnish, we made a simple Cranberry and Vodka Cocktail something totally special.  Then Susie made these awesome bottle labels!

Do you love them?!  We do!  You can pre mix the drink in this bottle from Ikea for only $3.99 and Susie designed this awesome label to coincide with our cocktail.  We just printed them and affixed them with double sided tape, which is fine for a one time event.  Email endsinstyle@gmail.com and we will send you this awesome label that you can print at home!

We scored these awesome smoked martini glasses at Homegoods, as well as the spooky mirror!

By isolating your drink table, you can really make a statement.  This Halloween banner from World Market frames it nicely.

As your party transitions from drinks to the dinner table, these great bottles will blend nicely with your tabletop decor and add that personal touch that will really set your party apart from others!


So don't forget to email endsinstyle@gmail.com for your own printable wine label!