Halloween Party Food

What's a party without food and drinks? We love to cook (and eat!) delicious food and want to share with you our special spooky Halloween party menu. If you throw a party of your own, we'd love to get your feedback on our recipes. If you use any of our recipes, the bottle label, or decorating advice, upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook and tag us using #endsinstyle.

How to make your own spider web soup:

To make a spindly spider web soup, start with a fall vegetable soup (our recipe below), then make a web with sour cream. Using a squeeze bottle, make concentric circles of sour cream then drag a toothpick from the inside out to create a web look. Add peppercorns and rosemary pieces to create a cute spider hanging out in his web soup.

Before dinner gets started, have some cocktails ready for your guests, or save this for after dinner! You can make this as simple or as complicated as you like, but we like making a simple drink with quality ingredients everyone will enjoy. Try "Vampire Blood", recipe below.

Download your FREE printable Vampire Blood label here.

Don't forget to save room for dessert! Simple finger food desserts work well for mingling (and shameless seconds!) Try these easy witch hat cookies along with an assortment of other sweet and simple treats such as oatmeal and sugar cookies. Just because your party is for adults doesn't mean all of the treats have to be. These are fun for the whole family to make and eat! Find a tutorial here.