Spotlight on Kristen Davis, Decorative Painter

This week we are crushing on Kristen Davis!  No not, Sex and the City Kristen Davis (we love her too though), but Atlanta decorative painter, Kristen Fountain Davis.

With a degree in fine art from GA State, Kristen is a true fine artist.  Her talent is apparent in any of the happy walls and homes she has put her magic touch on in Atlanta.  Having worked with her on a few projects myself, I can honestly say she is the real deal.  

I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen on a couple of occasions.  One, a teen room I designed and 2, this room we worked on with Cristi Holcombe and Chip Wade for Chip's show on  HGTV called Elbow Room:



Isn't that beautiful?  Not only can Kristen crank out the fine art murals, but she has mastered the art of stenciling, creating custom stencils to perfectly suit the client's desires.  Some of my favorite stencils are in the nurseries she has done.

And I am always so impressed by her ceilings, my neck hurts just thinking about the hours spent looking up to create this masterpiece!

Don't forget Kristen can make anything beautiful, not just 2 dimensional surfaces.  Kristen has a whole portfolio of beautifully painted furniture and cabinetry as well!

Kristen has also had her hand in some design and styling projects, including her own house, which you can read about on her Blog.

And, if you are not ready to commit an entire wall, check out Kristen's Etsy site, where you can purchase one of her works of art!

Now go off and be inspired and have a great Halloween week!