Our Favorite Holiday Themes

Today is Black Friday, so most of you are probably reading this on your phone while waiting in some horrific line, like I did last year.  Hopefully, not like me last year, where I was only to find out the item I was most excited about was never on sale, so I paid full price AND got to wait in line while dealing with my thanksgiving meal indigestion.  Either way thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas is in full swing.  Some of you may have already planned your Christmas decorations for this season, but may be looking for some inspiration to add a twist to this year's holiday decor.  Fo those of you looking for some additions or those starting fresh here are our favorite holiday looks for this year:

The Minimalist Christmas

For those of us with more modern style and minimalist taste, decorating for the Holidays can be less than exciting.  The thought of all that STUFF, and glitter, and STUFF...it is well, cringe-worthy.  

By using found objects, repurposing them with paint, and keeping it simple not only will your table top and tree be pretty, but you won't feel bad about ditching it at the end of the season.  The thought of not having to store it alone is worth the DIY effort!

No fireplace?  Renting?  No problem!  This chalkboard painted canvas with a fireplace drawn on is the perfect solution for those with no place to hang their stockings.  


The Rustic Christmas

Christmas can make you feel like living in a log cabin somewhere in the mountains would just make the season all the more special.  Since we can't all have a second home, or the month to take off to spend the holiday season in the mountains, why not decorate your home with the rustic elegance you so often see in beautiful mountain homes.



Rustic holiday decor is simple and the best part is that it can be super affordable.  One year I decorated my tree with pinecone ornaments (found pinecones and twine) and sprigs of cotton.  It was simple, rustic and elegant.  

Don't be afraid to use unlikely objects, like these succulent ornaments.  It is such a nice interpretation of the typical red and green holiday colors.

Farmhouse Christmas



Another look I can never get enough of is the Farmhouse look during the holidays.  It is just so cozy and warm, and you still get to use my favorite color, white with my favorite accessories, live greens.

When decorating in the farmhouse style keep your color palette simple with natural textures, white and green.  If you just have to have red, throw it in in accents, like plaid throws and berries.

We wish you all a happy, and stylish holiday season!

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