Hats: Where to Get Them & How to Wear Them


My mama once said to an elderly woman at a Mother's Day brunch we were attending with my grandmother, 

"What a beautiful hat! I wish hats were stylish...uh...you know...for...younger people...." 

This was years ago, but it is still hilarious to remember Mama trying to back peddle out of that. My mama is a very nice, polite woman, so she was horrified by her slip-up. My sister and I saw only humor in it and to this day say "Oh, I wish hats were stylish for younger people" any time someone says something accidentally insulting.

Well, good news, younger people! HATS ARE STYLISH NOW!

Here's the breakdown of my favorites plus where to get them and how to pull them off.

The Wide Brim Floppy Hat

TopShop, $52

TopShop, $52

The floppy hat is so very chic right now. Wear it in a fun color and keep your outfit neutral. For example, wear black skinny jeans, taupe booties, and a flowy black top. Be sure to curl your hair loosely with a curling wand so it looks effortless. Carry a big handbag, wear some funky jewelry and a big pair of sunglasses. Watch out for paparazzi because you will most likely be mistaken for a celebrity.

The Trench Coat Hat

Macy's on sale now, $29.99

Macy's on sale now, $29.99

Is that you, Carmen Sandiego? Fly under the radar in style with a trench coat hat. Keep your hair silky smooth and curled like a 1940's movie star or curl the ends lightly for a soft, elegant look. Pair it with a trench coat, leather skirt, heels, and a simple top. Keep jewelry understated. Remember--you are under cover!


The Bowler Hat

Urban Outfitters, $34

Urban Outfitters, $34

This hat reminds me of a musical number I did as a member of the Augusta Children's Chorale in middle school. The song was cleverly called "Hats" and we sang these words as we danced around with little plastic bowler hats in a choreographed production:

"Hats! are made for your head. And when it's cold outside, they keep you warm instead!"

I wore the hat with my chorale uniform which was, (brace yourself for horror and pain) an evergreen drop waist potato sack dress with a placemat collared puffy-sleeved white shirt, opaque white tights, and black pilgrim shoes. That outfit was the sole reason for any teenage angst I may have suffered in the following years.

But you can wear this hat in a much more stylish way!  Wear your hair down and a little messy. This is a great way to work with your hair if you're in a hurry and have not washed it or you're struggling with a particularly stubborn cowlick. Pair the hat with a simple relaxed fit dress and booties for a laid back look.

The Western-Inspired Hat

ShopBop, $150

ShopBop, $150

This hat is super versatile! It's a bit western-inspired but does not cross over into cowboy hat territory. Style your hair in a cool braid like this one, swept to one side, and wear with a faux fur vest and heeled boots. Check out how one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Wendy put her monochromatic look together with a feather vest. 


We hope you will try out some of these looks with hats and make them your own! Tag us with #endsinstyle on instagram and Facebook and show us how you top off your style with a hat! Follow us with Bloglovin!

Mama would love it ;)