Spotlight On: Savannah Bee Company

We are all abuzz about today's spotlight! In honor of National Honey Bee Day this month, we bring you a spotlight on a local company, Savannah Bee Company! They're passionate about bees and honey, and it shows!

The folks at Savannah Bee don't just make honey and lovely products made from honey right in the heart of Savannah, but they also do good work in educating people about bees. I encourage you to head over to their website and learn a bit about the amazing creature that is the honey bee.

Savannah Bee is the best destination for high quality, pure and delicious honey. My friend Kristen brought some of their honeycomb to a party I hosted a few years ago with cheese and crackers and it was so incredible I still dream about it! You can order some of their honey here.

Recently, Savannah Bee launched an extended health a beauty line to add to their already robust selection of honey varieties and lotions. You can shop them all here. Their products are made in a way that is sustainable and good for the bees!

Not only are their products good for you, me, and the bees, but they smell good, feel like silk, and look great! Check out the lovely Noelle modelling the lip gloss for us. Natural, beautiful color that goes on buttery smooth.

These products make fantastic hostess gifts, gift baskets for friends, or just for a little self-pampering. So head on over to to get some of the sweet honey goodness for yourself! Shop local, shop often, shop Savannah Bee Company!