Easy, Indoor Workouts

Whether you haven't joined the gym yet, are avoiding the New Year's rush, or just aren't a gym person and are awaiting warmer weather, you don't have to sit around watching the scale go up as the temperature goes down.  There are so many easy exercises you can do at home with just you and your body weight.  Here are our go to work outs.


Stairs (20 minutes)

Did you know that the average person burns 650 calories for an hours worth of stairs?  That means that in just 20 minutes you can burn over 200 calories!  You don't need a stair master to do this, try using your actual stairs!  Not only will you burn calories but also strengthen you butt and legs.  You can do a simple run up and down or integrate different ways to use the stairs.  Click here for a few workouts you can do on your stairs at home.

Squats (3 sets of 25)

Keep the leg and butt toning going with squats.  Squats are a great way to tone and lift your butt and thighs and they don't take anything but a little bit of focus.  When doing squats, the most important thing to remember is to keep the weight in your heels and not allow your knees to pass your toes.  Click here for proper squat technique.



Jumping Jacks (3 sets of 100)

They key to burning calories and fat is keeping your heart rate up.  Jumping jacks are a great way keep your heart rate up.  After you finish each toning exercise, do 100 jumping jacks to keep the blood pumping.  For a quick refresher on how to maximize the effectiveness of your jumping jacks, click here.

Push ups (sets of 10)

Push ups are a great way to tone and shape your upper arms, back and shoulders.  There are many variations to push ups, so if you can't do the full push-up try it with your knees down, on the wall, or on the stairs. Click here for proper technique.

Dips (3 sets of 10)

Dips are perfect for nipping the flapping bird wing arm in the bud.  Dips target your triceps, which is the back of your arm.  You can do these on a chair or bench, if you can't do them with your legs extended, try bending them at a right angle to take some of the weight out of your arms.  Click here for proper technique.

Don't let the winter blues affect you.   Even if you don't have a gym, you can get your endorphins going right there in your living room.