The Best Cleaning Schedules and Products

So you did your New Year's purge and clean, but things are starting to pile up again and get dirty.  Don't get overwhelmed, get a cleaning schedule!  It might take you back to your 3rd grade chore chart, but this really helps keep cleaning the house manageable.  

Every house is different but most people have very similar cleaning needs.  Here are a few of our favorite cleaning schedules:

Daily Cleaning Schedule

Monthly Cleaning Schedule

Now that you have a good schedule outlined, what about products?  Usually I just get whatever is on sale, but lately I have been thinking about how harmful cleaning products can be.  If I am careful about what kind of food I eat, why would I not be careful about what I wipe the countertop down with, or what chemicals I end up breathing in while and after I am mopping the floors?  Here are a few of the most popular eco-friendly cleaning products:

Laundry Detergent:

For overall laundry spot removal, the new green release from Arm & Hammer, Essentials 2X Concentrated ($3.49 for 50 ounces,, came out on top. It was particularly effective at washing in cold water, with top scores for removing ink, mascara, wine, gravy, and grape juice stains.

All Purpose Cleaner



Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner ($5 for 32 ounces,, which has scored high in several GHRI tests, can handle heavier jobs than most all-purpose cleaners (like scouring barbecue grills and concrete floors). The secret: It’s concentrated, so you dilute as needed.

Dish Washing Detergent

Of the seven soaps tested, the GHRI experts found one standout: Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid ($3.09 for 25 ounces, It zapped dried-on grease and food particles, and cleaned the most plates per use.