Frugal Friday Travel: Houston

Everyone loves a weekend getaway and even more so when they are super affordable!  Houston is one of those places you can go for a quick weekend, see a lot, eat well and enjoy the city without breaking the bank.  With the frigid weather that is hitting the South East, I can't imagine a more perfect time to slip away.


Tickets to Houston are almost ALWAYS affordable.  For example, you can get there on a non-stop flight for the last weekend in January for only $129.00 round trip!

 There aren't just deals on flights, there are plenty of great deals on hotels too.  Right now on Jetsetter (the travel portion of you can stay at Hotel Derek, a beautiful mid century modern hotel in the center of Houston for only $120 a night.  

This hotel offers a free chauffeur service that will take you anywhere in a 3 mile radius, which is awesome, however, I would still rent a car.  Much like Atlanta, Houston is a driving city and a car allows you to see much more, and it's only a short drive to the beach!

Houston offers so many fun things to do and my favorite parts are free!  Did you know that Houston has a Museum District?  

Thanks to the Menil Family, most of the museums are free.  These are not small time galleries.  These museums are beautifully curated and these house works by Picasso, Magritte, Duchamp, Matisse, Pollock, Warhol, Rothko and many more.


 The Rothko Chapel is just a few blocks down and is definitely worth the walk.  Mark Rothko did a series of paintings in this chapel during the Vietnam war.  They are not his typical bright and cheery color block paintings, they are dark and ominous and unlike much of what you would associate with him.  

Before you leave the neighborhood where all the Menil Museums are, please cut through the campus of the University of St. Thomas.  This University was built by one of my favorite architects, Phillip Johnson.  The buildings are beautiful, modern buildings lining a lawn leading up to a breathtaking, modern Catholic Church with a gold dome.  

Closer to Rice University is the Contemporary Arts Museum, who's motto is "always fresh, always free".  Right in that immediate vicinity are other museums like the Museum of Fine Art, etc.

Make sure you walk through the sculpture garden, it is truly beautiful.

I highly recommend checking this exhibit and artist out if he is in a city near you!

While you are in Houston you are just a short hour away from the coast and the cute, historic town of Galveston Texas.  I recommend making the drive out there if you want to get a little beach in on you weekend as well as see some beautiful old homes.



The food in Houston is great, of course there is Tex Mex, and for that I recommend Chuy's.  It's a fun, family friendly environment with great atmosphere and food.

Taste of Texas was also really good if you are looking for a great steak, great service and PLENTY to eat.



Last but not least, make sure you try one of Houston's famous Kolaches, a dessert from Central Europe that is a type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by delicious dough.  YUM!

Now go book your weekend get away and get out of this cold!