Packing Hack: How to use Everyday Items to Organize Your Suitcase

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, but with a little thinking outside the box, it's easy to streamline your packing routine and put your time and energy into planning what to do instead of what to wear.  We just booked a trip to Peru and as I sat down to plan the itinerary, I stumbled upon these great packing tips:

When I saw this, I literally went, "Ohhhh".  I mean, how genius, Press'n Seal to store your jewelry!  This is great for a singular destination trip since the sticky storage method wouldn't be great for a backpacking trip where you are constantly packing and unpacking, but then most backpacking trips wouldn't warrant a bunch of dangly jewelry.

The straws that keep your thin chains from getting tangled and pill organizer for rings and earrings, however, are perfect for a backpacking trip.

Shoes are always tough to pack, especially if you have a big foot like me.  I usually have to keep it to 2 pairs of shoes in my suitcase and 1 on my feet max in order to avoid an overweight suitcase, thanks to a size 11 shoe.  I always pack my shoes in a grocery bag and guarantee end up using it for dirty clothes on the way home.  Then I am left with; what do I use to cover my dirty shoes?

The shower cap shoe method is a perfect use for those shower caps in the toiletry kit they leave you at the hotel.

This way of storing makeup is perfect for a short weekend trip when you don't want to risk your expensive moisturizer and foundation being commandeered in the security line!

On the occasion that I do remember Qtips, I hate opening the ziploc bag or random pocket I threw them in, only to find the tips have grown to the size of cotton balls and will barely fit in my ears, much less clean up rogue mascara.  This pill bottle storage method solves that problem!

A leaky bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or lotion can ruin a trip.  Even when I take the time to put them in a Ziploc bag, I can 9 times out of 10 open my suitcase to a mess.  Maybe it's just an inside joke that the baggage handlers are playing?  In any case, a simple sheet of plastic will almost eliminate the leaky bottle scenario.

Cracked bronzer, powder or eyeshadow is an expensive travel casualty.  This cotton ball trick can also be used for my fellow everyday makeup bag toters who apply in the car.

Never do I save the cover to my razor, so this binder clip trick is perfect for avoiding the fingertip sabotage that happens when you reach into you travel kit.


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