3 Classy Ikea Storage Hacks

As the seasons change and the days get longer, you may have found yourself staying up later/waking up earlier.  In preparation for spring cleaning and something to fill the extra hours in your day; here are 3 really beautiful Ikea storage hacks:


We love this Ikea Malm dresser in white with little leather strap pulls, so simple and elegant.

If you live with another person, or 3, shoes seem to walk out of the closet on their own and end up in every corner of the house.  This ikea storage solution is a fun way to corral all the shoes.  This hack is classy enough to go in the entry or fun enough to go in a shared kids room.

Bins are a necessary evil, so why not make them something beautiful.  We all have small items that we need to keep together and bins are the perfect solution.  By using modgepodge with some of your favorite images, you can make each bin its own individual work of art, or blow up a print and cut it into pieces so that all the bins come together to form one large  scale piece of art.