Curling Wand Tutorial

I have a secret weapon. Do you want to know what it is? It's the easiest way to feel like a glamour queen!


Nearly every time I wear my hair curled with my curling wand, I get questions about how I get that look. I'd love to "bashfully" say, "Oh, it's natural, thank you.". But it isn't. However, it is very easy to do! Below, we have a photo collage for you with step by step instructions for how to get your curls to look beautiful with the wand. 

The rollers are not essential, but if you want to add extra volume at your roots for a special occasion, it's a good idea. Also, I sometimes skip hair spray before curling for a more relaxed "beachy" wave. When I do use hairspray, I like Fat Hair

There are a few things you'll need:

  • Curling wand (I like a thicker one because my hair is so long)
  • Velcro rollers (optional)
  • Hairspray  (optional)
  • Hair brush


  • Brush out your hair. Air dried works best, as it is a little more coarse and you wont have to fight against hair that has already been worked perfectly straight. 
  • For extra volume, spray your roots with a root lifting spray and use velcro rollers.
  • Section off hair into roughly 2 inch sections and wrap around the wand.
  • Start towards the roots of your hair, wrapping around the wand at the fattest part of the wand and continue wrapping until you reach the ends of your hair and the narrow end of the wand.
  • Use caution because wands get VERY hot! I keep mine on 360 degrees and hold each section for about 10 seconds, but I have very thick hair. You'll need to make sure you do some tests to see how long you need curl the sections of your hair. If you want tighter curls, hold a little longer, but not much (maybe 12-15 seconds).  When in doubt, use the glove included with your wand to protect your fingers!
  • Tousle hair with your fingers to give your curls a more natural look and finish with a bit of hair spray. 
  • Prance around, flipping your hair dramatically because you feel so fabulous!