Shop for Style with Tips from Guest Blogger Jen

Hi everyone. It’s stylist and guest blogger Jen again. I’m back to finish what we started a few weeks ago – getting your style on point. Looking great every day is a very attainable goal. There’s no reason not to (and every reason to) invest in yourself. Trust me, with a few key pieces you’ll dazzle your coworkers and enchant your friends with your fresh new look.

Here are some tips I use when helping myself and my clients to update their wardrobe with ease – it’s all about a few fine foundation pieces.

Image via Pinterest.
Image via Pinterest.
  1. Buy a signature dress that makes you feel beautiful and body confident. This is actually an easier task than you might think. I recommend a maxi, shift or A-line style because they will never go out of style and can be dressed up or down and accessorized to fit any occasion.

    When you set out on your hunt, remember the most important thing is to find something that you absolutely love and suits your body type.

    This dress will be your go to piece —you’ll grab this garment again and again when you need a little pick-me-up. Clothes are almost like people: you truly gravitate to the ones that make you feel good about yourself. Think of this dress as your personal compliment creator because that’s what will happen when you wear it. EVERY. TIME.

    These are two I invested in recently. I have the black one with the white collar in a perfect shade of mauve – and I picked it up for less than $30 at TJ Maxx (it retailed last season for $228). The butterfly dress comes from ASOS and sold out quickly – it was a little pricier at nearly $145 retail, but with an online discount code I saved 25%. 

    These are just examples of the great quality pieces you can find regardless of your budget and taste. A great wardrobe wasn't built in day – shop sales, look for closeouts, sample sales and vintage items. Dressing great doesn't have to break your budget.

  2.  It’s really in the jeans – denim is a great foundation piece when it’s the right style and fit. Buy a pair of never-go-wrong bootcut jeans – a style that can flatter every figure – and you'll have yourself the beginnings of a great outfit no matter where you're headed.

    If you don’t already own a pair of designer jeans, it’s time to invest. I’m no label snob, but I can tell you that when it comes to jeans, all are not created equally. And here’s the thing about jeans, they’ll be worn and worn and worn, so it makes simple sense to get a pair you love and that fit you like a glove – which may mean, wait for it – tailoring. If you buy your jeans on sale or even thrifted, you’ll pocket enough savings to cover the minor charge of tailoring.

    Again, invest in your clothes, invest in your look, and mostly, invest in yourself.  My tip for the best places to get designer jeans for less: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Dillard’s clearance sales, and the Goodwill. Online, check out Zappos, 6pm and Neiman Marcus Last Call. 

    I recommend tall girls try Hudson Jeans, and Joe’s Jeans are awesome to accentuate those with killer curves. Whatever brand you choose, the fit and fabric should be quality. Toss out those craptastic, ill-fitting denim disasters – you deserve better. You’re too fabulous to let your jeans make you look frumpy.
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Image via Pinterest.
Image via Pinterest.

3. Tops, shirts and blouses – oh my! Oh my, indeed. So many days we are just t-shirt and jeans girls, and that’s just fine. Just make sure you buy a great fitting t-shirt to make you look chic not ick.

V-necks are a girl’s best friend (right after diamonds – those go with EVERYTHING). V-necks work for nearly everyone – accentuating a your top half in a great shape regardless of the ampleness of the bosom. The key is the right fit. Plus, you can pair your tee with a cute cardigan, classic blazer or top it with a scarf and you’re ready to take on the day in even more great style.

When a t-shirt just won’t do, it’s time for a button down or blouse. But, how to decide amongst the masses of blouses? It’s easy. Stay away from busy patterns, and pick a classic white, black or blue. You’ll get miles of wear and always look pulled together.

The key is the fit. Ladies with more curves often have trouble here – so it’s time to look for quality fabrics that offer a bit of stretch and can be tailored. A few darts in the right places and you’ll see your top half in a whole new light.  And the great part is these shirts are always available season after season, so you can get a great shirt on your budget virtually anywhere anytime.

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The Final Say – It's All About Love and Fit
You probably have a closet full of clothes just waiting to be re-explored, but sometimes it takes introducing a few well-fitting pieces for you to see the quality in the stuff you have. For instance, once you have a great pair of jeans, you can rock those killer cobalt blue heels with a crisp white top that accentuates your figure. You’ll look and feel pulled together, beautiful and confident.

I encourage you to invest in these types of clothing pieces because ultimately they’ll become the foundation of your new better style. It’s a process – this is just the beginning of what your style can become. There’s so much more…jewelry, hand bags, belts, hats, and shoes. That’s the great part of honing your own personal style – finding things you love and using things you already have.

My best advice, the advice I leave my clients with as they embark on their own style journey, is don’t buy what’s cheap, don’t buy anything you already have something similar to, and ONLY buy something if it fits NOW and you love it – when you love it, you’ll wear it forever.