Jean Shorts at Any Age

Denim shorts, like their full-leg-length counterparts, are always in style. The rise, pockets, wash, details, length, width, and everything in between is always changing.

As the styles change, it can be tricky to know what "in" look is also age appropriate. Let's take a look at some good examples of jean shorts for various age-appropriateness so that you can try current trends without feeling like you're wearing your daughter's shorts*.
As with all fashion, this is just a guideline and most any style can be adapted to any age range. Wear what makes you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable!

*When shopping at Nordstrom Rack with my Mama recently, she picked up a pair of NYDJ jeans to try on. I told her that they were cute but that I'd tried them on and they fit all wrong. She then explained the NYDJ stands for "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" and that obviously they were right, those jeans were not for her daughter!

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