Style That Can Be Contained

Hi Ends In Style readers. It's stylist Jen once again and I'm happy to be back guest blogging. I really love summer, even if it's blazing hot here. Summer reminds me of childhood, ice cream, fireworks, friendships and so many beautiful things. So, instead of  letting the heat scorch my summer fun or my summer style, I decided to add some natural style to my home with a container garden. They are perfect for patios, doorways or even kitchens.

Container gardens rule for so many reasons -- my favorite is having it greet me each day as I leave home and then again when I return. Those bevy of blooms and pops of color are a style pick-me-up, and did I mention, they are super simple. 

 Plus, they are portable, which means you can change them around and add to them as you choose (and as the weather permits). The options are endless and you can be as creative as you want. That's where spray paint comes in handy -- I painted my pots and chose contrasting plants to really create an impact.

I personally love a LOT of color, and I was inspired to do create my container garden solely around my love of bright colors. I had bought some new numbers for my house and they came in an orangey-yellow and blue-green. The colorful numbers caused a buzz of creativity in my mind and before I was done, I’d acquired a set of garden monsters, several colorful planters, a burlap painted sign with a lovely quote, and a couple of cans of said spray paint. (And then my mom made me a beautiful wreath with a burlap bow to adorn my door. Score! I love it when a stylish plan comes together.)

I hope you enjoy this peek at my container garden and I hope you create one for yourself.

And once your own container garden comes together, you'll be able to just sit back and enjoy your work. It's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon and a wonderful way to add some personalized style to your home. I'm still adding to mine -- I have window boxes still to install -- but that's a whole other style project. So, until next time, enjoy the beauty all around you.