A Funky Kirkwood Cottage by Susie Mae Design

Hello everyone! I'm finally posting about this master suite and guest bathroom that I promised I would post about a million years ago. I'm getting preeeetty good at this protracted posting schedule :) 

Christina and I are both in the midst of renovations. Which, as you may have experienced yourself, typically uncover some fairly interesting issues. So, we've been sorting through stacks of wood, dust, cans of paint, tile samples, and plenty of stress. In times like this, it's nice to look back on finished projects that are clean and pretty and don't have stacks of junk everywhere. 

I'm very lucky for several reasons (and here are just a couple). One, because I have a job that I love and clients who are really great to work with. And two, because I get to work with Christina who so beautifully captures interiors and graciously agrees to photograph my work for our blog. 

I love the calm white bedding and cool neutral walls with the more active prints and colorful accessories. This client lives in a fun Kirkwood bungalow and is not afraid of color and pattern mixing--I love that! 

We chose to anchor the room with touches of black, including this fabulous table by Jonathan Adler. It's such a gorgeous black laquer finish and the pagoda style is classic and modern all at once. We had to wait a while on this one as it was custom ordered, and the finish and hardware we chose is no longer available. But it was worth the wait! 

Now, for my favorite part of the room. The fabrics!!!! On this king sized bed, which is a Beauty Rest Black Hybrid (plug for my hubby's company), we used 3 Euro shams in the same style as the duvet cover. In front of that, we had two custom king shams made with the most sumptuous and beautiful Laura Kirar for Highland Court embroidered material with green backing and piping. From the moment I saw this material in a presentation by the Duralee rep at Miko + Boone Home, I knew I HAD to use it! More specifically, I want a dress made with it but I figured something beautiful in my client's home was more appropriate... for now ;)

Let's not overlook the drapery material, which you will see again in the master bathroom. It's a white background with black polka dots that get thicker and thinner to create stripes. So, pattern mixing in one material? Oh yeah!

We finished the space with a simple gallery wall in soft colors. 

For the master bathroom, my client was very adventurous! I suggested we paint the walls black and she said "Sounds good!". It's a bold statement, but it works since the tile and countertops are light and reflect a lot of natural light coming in through the window. The master bath is also just off the bedroom, so it connects the two rooms with that anchor black color we used on the drapery, side table, and rug. 

My client had these gorgeous, colorful prints of birds. They were the perfect addition to the bathroom walls. Large, white mats were used with white frames to make them pop off the wall and add a little more light and bright to the bold bathroom walls.

The bathroom has plenty of good storage, but for a little extra towel storage and decorative appeal, we added a simple white cart. This could be used as a bar cart, but they don't have to be used just for bars! 

Perhaps my favorite part of the bathroom is the towel rack. Acrylic antlers! Aren't they cute? The layout of the bathroom doesn't have enough wall space just by the shower for an easily accessible towel just after a shower, so now my client has a place to keep her towel and she doesn't have to get water all over the floor. 

Ok, ok, so I may have another favorite part of this project. This wallpaper!!!! It's a block printed grasscloth in a natural tone with white zebra print. It's important to have a good wallpaper installer for grasscloth, especially the kind that needs to be trimmed first. There's something so spa like about this bathroom, and yet also funky-cool.  

Again, my client already had this artwork and it is the perfect style for the room being that it is a bathing lady.  

This was such a fun project to do! My client and I have just started two other rooms and we've begun ordering, so more from this fun house to come in a bit! 



Design by Susie Mae Design. All photos by Christina Wedge Photography. Written by Susie Prince. All photos by Christina Wedge Photography.